Pharo Pro

Commercial support and services for the pharo programming environment. Pharo is a very productive object-oriented programming system with immediate feedback, advanced run-time reflection, live customizable object inspections and many more features

Our Services

Developing a software product puts all of its included components on a critical path. Failure of any of the links in the chain can make the product fail. One of these links is the runtime the software product runs on. And it can fail as well. We understand this can happen and it needs to be avoided for successful business. We are trying to close the gap by offering the following services:

Support contracts

We offer support contracts for the pharo runtime that are tailored to your needs. We can arrange individual service level agreements to enable you securing your business that runs on top of pharo. We cooperate with the pharo consortium to make sure even the hardest problems can be solved in a reasonable amount of time.

Open source library support

Products contain many open source libraries and frameworks to enable feature richness and reduce costs in creating. Most open source communities are supportive to solve problems. In case you have additional requirements we offer support for a lot of the major pharo open source libraries and frameworks to protect your product.

Creation of new open source libraries

If a library for technology you need is missing in the pharo ecosystem we can help in creating it. We have plenty of experience in creating, extending and converting projects in order to have them serve the expected need.

Connected to the pharo community

We are part of the pharo community since its beginning. We are active maintainers of the platform and take part in the organization around it. We can help you keep in touch with the community, to hear about newest developments and trends. We will bring your requirements and feedback to the community to adjust the direction in which the platform heads.

Future Plans

Our plans include an LTS (long term support) version of the pharo image and help the consortium to extend the infrastructure that is needed to build and maintain pharo. We want to create a pharo ecosystem with high quality libraries and tools and provide services to aid pharo and its community.


  • Why PharoPro?

    Open source projects need commercial support. Open source software is developed by people in their spare time or as being sponsored by a company. The software can be used "as is" to accelerate the development of a software product. If open source software lacks features you need or has bugs that you need to have fixed in a timely manner there is the need for a commercial organization that helps you solve these issues. Linux has e.g. Ubuntu as a commercial supporter for the platform. PharoPro does the same for the pharo platform

  • There is already the pharo consortium. Why do we need something else?

    The pharo consortium is great. The consortium organizes the future of pharo, it provides infrastructure for building it and it coordinates engineers with actual research in computer science.

    We are not competitors to the pharo consortium. We see PharoPro as an industrial companion to the consortium. We think while the consortium is great in BUILDING PHARO, it might not always be suitable for the requirements of projects BUILDING WITH PHARO. Industrial projects have different needs and we are well experienced in industrial projects.

    PharoPro is a member of the consortium and we are working closely with the consortium to make sure all the needs of our customers can be met. For projects with special needs it will be feasible to be a member in the consortium as well as being our customer. We can help coordinate efforts on both sides.